The Mesothelioma Compensation Trust Fund for Mesothelioma Victims

Mesothelioma is a deadly type of cancer that results from exposure to asbestos, a highly elastic substance that is electricity, chemical, fire and heat resistant. Over the past years, the increasing cases of mesothelioma, in the United States and around the globe, has become an alarming concern.

Mesothelioma becomes manifest only 40 years (or more) after exposure to asbestos. It is during its long latency period, however, when it worsens so that, by the time it becomes diagnosable, it would have already developed into a stage wherein treatment is no longer possible.

In 2002, the number of asbestos claims lawsuits filed numbered to more than 700,000, while the number of companies that were named as defendant reached 8,400. Majority of those who filed lawsuits were already beyond 65 years old, while many of the companies, which exposed claimants to asbestos decades ago, are no longer in operation.

Though already out of business, due mostly to bankruptcy, these companies were required by law to set up funds for the purpose of compensating asbestos victims. This funding is known as Mesothelioma Compensation Trust Fund. Amount of compensation differs from one mesothelioma claim to another. Some victims are paid only a small amount, while others are paid millions of dollars. If computing the right amount of compensation is difficult, so is resolving a case. Thus, it may help victims and/or their families pursue the right amount of compensation the victims are legally entitled to claim if they would seek assistance from mesothelioma lawyers of Williams Kherkher, whose expertise may be prove useful in designing and delivering the argument that may merit the victim the judge’s favor.

Asbestos is special substance that became widely used during the mid of the 20th century. It is usually mixed with other substances to make cement, generators, turbines, boilers, steam pipes, brakes and clutches, insulators, gaskets, hot water piping, furniture, appliances, construction materials and many other different things. Asbestos’ remarkable usefulness made it a substance used in many parts of the globe. Many different types of workers have also been regularly exposed to it, including construction workers, electricians, firefighters, plumbers, processing plant workers, miners, shipyard workers, auto workers, machinists and many others.

It was not until after the 1990s that asbestos was banned, but only in some countries. In 2002 as many as 730,000 filed asbestos-related lawsuits and about 8,400 companies were sued by former employees whose works had direct and regular exposure to asbestos.

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