Pedestrians and Bicyclists Involved in Car Accidents

Every day we hear about new car accidents that have resulted in a tragic injury or loss. These are not uncommon occurrences, and many seek to avoid these unfortunate scenarios by traveling by foot or by bike. While these are generally safer modes of transportation as they do not require the same speed or heavy machinery associated with car travel, some unfortunately still find themselves in danger. Pedestrians and bicyclists can find themselves in the middle of dangerous car accidents from which they do not have the same protection as the other drivers who have the privilege of being inside a motor vehicle equipped with certain safety features. It is important for pedestrians and cyclist to be aware of the common situations in which this occurs so they can be wary of potentially dangerous drivers and make a point to avoid them.

According to the website of the Sampson Law Firm, “pedestrians and cyclists are at a heightened risk of being hit by a car when drivers: fail to stop at red lights, do not slow or stop at crosswalks, take turns too quickly, or are distracted by phones or other electronic devices.” These activities cause distraction or a lack of caution in drivers that makes them a threat not just to other cars, but to pedestrians and cyclists who may cross their paths.

Car accidents can result in tragic injuries for all parties involved. The most dangerous crashes, at times, are the ones which involve victims who are not in a motor vehicle. Accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists are dangerous, and sometimes unavoidable. However, at times these accidents are due to the negligence or distraction of the driver. In these cases, victims of such an accident may be owed certain damages to cope with the financial burden of resulting injuries.

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