Oil Spill Compensation for Non-Profit Organizations

The BP oil spill that happened in 2011 in the Gulf of Mexico has not only affected the environment and surrounding communities; they have significantly affected the businesses and livelihood of the people living in the affected areas. Hailed as one of the worst man-made disasters in history, the BP oil spill has caused serious damages that, until today, are still bouncing back from the catastrophe.

Among those affected by the BP oil spill are non-profit organizations around the gulf area. Although they are considered non-profit, they have also suffered significant loss due to the accident. Although it is impossible to put an exact dollar amount to the spill’s economic impact, the BP corporation has given its word that it will provide compensation for the non-profit organizations affected by the disaster.

Filing a claim with the BP Claims Facility would be the first step in towards possibly receiving compensation, although in return or having a certain amount of compensation this would also mean that your non-profit business would give up its right to file a lawsuit against the BP and other people related to the oil spill accident. According to BP, claims that are over the amount of $5,000 are considered “large losses” and could take longer to process, therefore if your non-profit business loss is more than that, it would help to find a lawyer who know how to represent and fight your right in court.

As for a non-profit filing a claim for compensation from BP, the requirements for compensation would be pretty much the same as for other businesses. Documenting and showing evidence of loss and effects on your non-profit business or organization is the key in getting compensation, and acquiring it as soon as possible. Make sure to provide a “before and after” economic effect of the oil spill – wages, income, property damage, and others – to ensure that the BP Claims adjuster can calculate the total loss and possible compensation to be given. Make sure that these documents (and other supporting documents that they may ask) are readily available to avoid any inconveniences and hold-ups in the process. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but with the number of compensation claimants BP is facing now, it may be good have legal guidance and representation to avoid being denied of compensation.

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