Limo Rental Rates

Limo rental rates are typical of any service; it varies based on a lot of factors. Generally, if you want better service, you have to pay higher rates. Fortunately, because there is so much competition for custom, limo services can be had for quite reasonable rates if you go about your booking the smart way.

Basic Costs

Limo rental rates are usually quoted on an hourly basis, although it is possible to get a quote for a protracted lease. The lowest hourly rate for a legitimate limo rental service is $30 for a luxury sedan that can accommodate four people, and goes up to $150 for a stretch limo that is good for up to 14 people. There are larger and novelty limos that can accommodate even more, but the rate varies depending on the actual number of people, so you need to be specific about it.

However, you usually cannot rent a limo for just an hour because the prep time makes it impractical. Most companies require a minimum of 3 hours per booking, more during peak times (weekends, prom season, etc.). If you want to make the most of your money, pool with your friends or arrange your day to maximize the amount of time you spend being driven around.

Aside from the hourly rate, it is also standard to include a 20% gratuity for the driver; it’s exactly like a tip but more fancy. So if you have a $90 booking, expect to hand over $18 more at the end of the ride unless it has already been included in your total price quote.

Other costs

Reputable limo companies will provide an all-inclusive price quote so you know what you are in for. These include fuel surcharges, travel time (for remote area pickups), toll fees, and other miscellaneous fees.  But some companies may tack on these other charges to your bill at the end of the day, which can seriously increase your costs. Make sure that when you finalize your booking, you are clear about the total amount you have to spend for the rental.

Special packages

Most limo services will offer package rates for weddings, airport transfers, and regular bookings. If you book way in advance or you book for successive days i.e. the whole week, you have a greater chance of getting better discounts.

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