The Earth’s Axis

The Earth is spinning as it is hurtles through space. It’s the reason we have day and night, and contributes to all sorts of planetary traits, like tides and weather.

The Earth’s spin is around an imaginary line called the axis. The Earth’s axis runs from the north pole, through the planet, and out the south pole, like vertical spits through a mass of gyro meat.

However, the planet is not secured in place by a cooking mechanism like a delicious hunk of lamb shawarma meat. The Earth’s axis actually has a slight wobble called an axial precession. This means the north pole isn’t always pointing in the exact same direction. This can have effects on weather and other big scale stuff.

Planets also have what is called an orbital axis. This is much like it’s axis of rotation, except it’s the line around which the planet orbits its star.

earth and the sun

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