Brand Awarness, Do You Have It?

The three I’s of brand awareness.

You may not be in need of a hiking bag at this moment, but you know that certain brands perform better than others. Maybe you don’t plan to buy running shoes at all, but that interesting TV ad you saw the other day makes you feel that it is the only running shoes that matter.

According to the website of Hamlin Tree Care, online customer relationship management solutions, are there to help you streamline your customer’s buying journey. But before thinking about streamlining your business process, you have to make it start first. Awareness is what introduces your product to the buyer; and without it, the whole purchase cycle wouldn’t even start.

But how do you let your potential customers be aware of what you can offer? When promoting brand awareness, consider these three I’s:


Relevance is what engages your potential customers to your product. Offer products and services that actually promise results. Do you expect them to be entertained or to be informed? Do you offer solutions? Make your goals known through your marketing campaign. By then, you are allowing your brand to be known as something that helps.


People seldom search for products or services in Google. More and more people are using their social media as their tool in finding the right goods. This is because they were fed up of all the sales talk. They want connection; they want experience, which social media can provide. So, get your brand a human face and engage with your potential clients with a personal touch.


In any business, your final goal shouldn’t be purchase; it should be loyalty. Also, it is wrong to just make your brand known; you have to make it special. By putting emphasis on customer loyalty, you are ensuring that you are their first choice in every repurchase or upgrade.



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