Avoid the Costs and Strain of Divorce by Compromising Now and Keeping It Simple

Texas has a great divorce option called the simple divorce. What it means is that you don’t have to contest anything. You agree to everything beforehand, and you just go through the legal process. It’s faster, it’s more affordable, and it gets you where both parties want to go.

Sounds ideal, right? It is, but it comes with a few complicating factors. The biggest is that you have to be able to compromise about everything with your spouse before getting into the divorce.

That may sound possible in theory, but then, you may well find that there’s a lot you don’t agree on even if things are ending amicably. Who gets the house? Who gets the nicer, newer car? Is one spouse getting repaid for all that money they put into the other spouse’s education? Then there’s that really big question: who gets custody of the kids?

Trying to answer these questions has led to more than a few amicable divorces becoming far less amicable very quickly. Facing the full reality of a divorce can lead to a resurgence of negative emotions and an increased difficulty in finding compromises.

So, the first step is to get past these major questions. In fact, some of these questions make it impossible to get a simplified divorce in the first place. For instance, married couples with minor children aren’t eligible for a simplified divorce. Instead, they have to go through the uncontested divorce process, which is still faster and more affordable than a contested divorce. Simplified divorces are also only possible if no parties are going through bankruptcy and neither party wants alimony. So, if that spouse wants repayment for college costs, settle that before you start the divorce process, or else, resign yourself to a longer divorce.

Deal with these situations as early as possible and in the best possible spirit of compromise and amicability as possible. Once you’ve made it past those tough questions and found out if you qualify for a simple divorce, you’ll then have another complicating factor: getting the divorce process right.

According to the BB Law Group PLLC, this can be tricky even in the best of circumstances. Texas law for a simplified divorce is, obviously, simpler than more contested divorces, but you may still need assistance when it comes to filling out and filing all the necessary forms and completing other requirements. BB Law recommends getting a simplified divorce lawyer to help guide you through the process so you don’t have to extend the process any larger than necessary.

If you can get the compromises in place and the guidance to handle the process in the best way, you should be able to move on from your marriage in the best possible way. A simple divorce lets you get through the process quickly, which can hopefully help reduce the emotional and financial difficulties that can come from a divorce.

If you qualify, and if you can get it right, a simple divorce is the best way to get out of your marriage in Texas.

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